An introduction to Nexeon

Nexeon® is a battery materials and licensing company developing silicon anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion battery.

Nexeon’s silicon anodes enable significantly greater Li-ion battery capacity to be achieved, providing lighter batteries with more power and longer lifetime between charges. Our patents cover a unique solution to the well known cycle-life problem previously associated with silicon.

Our fully automated and instrumented pilot plant is currently in full operation, capable of producing more than 1 kg of material a day (enough material for approximately 500 x 18650 cells).

Fully automated pilot plant

Our pilot plant closely represents a commercial manufacturing facility, and allows an accurate understanding of the processes and costs associated with making anode materials.

Tests have shown that low first cycle loss and extended cycle life can be achieved using Nexeon’s silicon anode materials at a lower cost than graphite for a given capacity. Our low-cost silicon anode technology demonstrates a clear commercial viability compared to other more expensive approaches such as silicon nono-fibres, ribbons or tubes.

Additionally, we have developed the technology so that it does not require any significant changes to the existing manufacturing processes for making Li-ion batteries.

Nexeon has developed a number of materials, proprietary processes and equipment for producing the material and for making electrodes. We have a growing patent portfolio of over 40 patent families with a wide territorial coverage and more than 100 grants to date. The portfolio includes patents on highly structured silicon materials, their methods of manufacture and their use in applications including lithium ion batteries, together with filings on composites, binders, electrolytes and electrochemical cell designs.

Further proprietary equipment has been designed and is now in the final stages of being tested.

Interview with Scott Brown, CEO on BBC South News, 3 October 2013