April 2004
Proof of concept activities begin, based on Professor Mino Green‘s work in the Dept of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College

February 2006
Nexeon founded as a spin-out company

February 2006
Dr Rob Neat (former AEA Technology Batteries MD) joins as CEO

April 2006
£500,000 invested by Dr Paul Atherton and Imperial Innovations in seed funding. Dr Atherton becomes Executive Chairman

July 2007
Nexeon demonstrates continued performance increases from the technology and secures £4.25M investment

September 2007
Nexeon commences scale-up and demonstration phase, moving to former AEA Technology Battery Research & Development facility near Oxford

March 2008
Dr Rob Neat passes away suddenly

October 2008
Dr Bill Macklin joins as CTO

February 2009
Fully operational pilot plant, producing sufficient material to make high volumes of cells per day

February 2009
Announced significant technical progress in proving the viability of silicon anode technology in terms of capacity and cycle life

February 2009
£10m funding secured for B funding round

June 2009
Dr Scott Brown appointed as new CEO

March 2010
Nexeon cells achieve 500 full charge/discharge cycles at a capacity of 1200mAh/g, without significant fade being observed

July 2010
The Company moves to superb new facilities at Milton Park in Oxfordshire and has a second pilot plant capable of higher production volumes

December 2010
Nexeon produces Li-ion battery cells with the world’s highest capacity for their size at 3.2Ah – above the capacity of even the best equivalent commercially available Li-ion batteries

August 2011
Nexeon raises another £40million and announces the intention to establish a 250 tonne pa manufacturing facility

December 2011
A collaboration is started with a global tier one automotive OEM, with a view to optimising the company’s technology for electric vehicle applications

February – April 2012
Nexeon picks up three major awards and is shortlisted for another. The Climate Week award was given to Nexeon for the ‘Best Technological Breakthrough’

June 2012
Nexeon signs second NDA – this time with global consumer electronics partner

February 2013
Nexeon forms partnership with globally active chemicals company Wacker. Wacker becomes a strategic investor in Nexeon

May – July 2013
Nexeon achieves both Environmental Management Certification – ISO 14001 and Quality Certification – ISO 9001

August 2013
Hatazawa-san appointed as Chief Technology Officer from Sony

April 2014
Nexeon completes commissioning of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of producing 20 tonnes of product per annum

May 2016
Completion of £30 million funding round, with funding from existing and new investors

October 2016
Nexeon opens office and development laboratory in Yokohama, Japan