Silicon anode li-ion batteries

Silicon anode lithium-ion batteries allow for greater power storage capacity and/or smaller battery size, or for greater battery life between charges. As well as increasing capacity, Nexeon’s technology reduces the amount of material used in the Li-ion battery, providing key advantages to manufacturers of a range of consumer goods.

Applications of this technology exist in consumer electronics, electronic vehicles, sustainable energy, aerospace, medical and defence industries, and indeed any industry where rechargeable batteries are relied upon.

The benefits for end users of this technology are numerous, with increased convenience and increased capabilities of the products being just two examples. The impact on the market will be felt in the same way that the introduction of lithium-ion batteries changed the industry in first making mobile phones and portable computer systems viable.

Nexeon’s technology is already ripe for exploitation in consumer applications and it is anticipated that its battery technology will also help unlock the full potential of both sustainable energy sources and energy efficient means of transport.

Nexeon wishes to license the use of its materials in Li-ion batteries world-wide.