Nexeon Co-hosts UK-Japan Gathering

June 13, 2014

Around a hundred people gathered at a special event organised by Nexeon and the Embassy of Japan in London yesterday. The event, titled “Battery Innovation – Past, Present and Future”, reviewed some of the exciting progress that has been made in the development of batteries, especially rechargeables, and looked ahead to an exciting future in electric vehicles, consumer electronics and many other applications.


Delegates enjoy a break in the Embassy of Japan ballroom

In a keynote address, Nishi-san, former Snr. VP at Sony Corporation and now consultant to Nexeon, gave a chronology of battery developments from the ‘Baghdad Battery’ of 2000 years ago to the latest thinking in achieving high performance from cells. Research is very active, noted Nishi-san, and British and Japanese corporations and academics are at the forefront of progress.


Fridolin Stary (centre) of WACKER Chemie talks with Paul Atherton (l) and Ian Jenks (r)

Dr Allan Paterson, Chief Electrochemist at Johnson Matthey, also gave an overview of the many technologies that his company is developing, including battery systems for supercars and more mainstream vehicles.

Dr Paul Atherton educated and entertained delegates with some personal reflections on what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur (it’s really hard and takes lots of ability matched with equal amounts of luck), and this led to some interesting questions from the floor about the importance of IP and the role of the State.

The event also celebrated the award this year of the Charles Stark Draper Prize to Nishi-san for his contribution to society.

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Nexeon Open Day a huge success

October 29, 2010 Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK

Visitors from all parts of the batteries world and beyond gathered at Nexeon to see the new facilities. Dr Yoshio Nishi, whose team at Sony developed the worlds first commercial Li-ion battery, was Guest of Honour and performed the official opening ceremony.

Nexeon team at Milton Park

Other attendees included Nicola Blackwood MP, Dr Martin Knight, Chairman of Imperial Innovations and his team and David Bott from the Technology Strategy Board. Guests were delighted to see a videotaped message from Sir Stirling Moss supporting EV development, and wishing the Nexeon team much success in the future.

Dr Nishi cuts the Nexeon battery-shaped cake

Dr Nishi cuts the Nexeon battery-shaped cake (or ‘performs the battery penetration test’ as he called it!)

IMLB – International Meeting on Lithium Batteries

June 27th – July 2nd 2010 Montreal, Canada

Dr Fazlil Coowar makes a presentation on Nexeon’s pillared particle materials. The Company, represented by Drs Coowar and Loveridge, also held a poster session describing more of the Nexeon developments around the 2nd generation silicon fibres.

Nexeon senior research scientist Dr Fazlil Coowar seen here with Professor John Goodenough, one of the pioneers of Li-ion technology, who was honoured for his cathode work at the IMLB event

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