From the CEO

Our technology offers a significant step forward in lithium ion battery performance in a range of applications. Through our world class technology team, Nexeon is set to make a major contribution in shaping the future of rechargeable batteries.
Dr Scott Brown
  • Nexeon 창립 2005년
  • 3600mAh/g 용량 데모 실시 2006년
  • £4.25M 투자 2007년
  • 시험 생산 공장 완전 가동 2009년
  • £10M 투자 확보 2009년
  • 고객에게 첫 자재 샘플 제공 2009년
  • 세계 최고 기 록 셀 용량 달성 2010년
  • 제조 시설을 위한 자금 £40M 조성 2011년

Nexeon has patented a unique way of structuring silicon so that it delivers extended cycle life and significantly increases battery capacity.

In contrast to carbon, Nexeon's silicon anode materials have a much higher capacity for lithium and as a result are capable of almost ten times the energy capacity per gram (mAh/g).

Silicon anode lithium-ion batteries allow for greater energy storage capacity and/or smaller battery size, or for greater battery life between charges.

As well as increasing capacity, Nexeon's technology reduces the amount of material used in the Li-ion battery, providing key advantages to manufacturers of a range of consumer goods.


Nexeon now boasts a fully automated and instrumented pilot plant, producing sufficient material to make high volumes of cells per day and with a good understanding of the cost involved.