Nexeon wins Rushlight Award for Energy Efficiency

5th Award for Silicon Anode Battery Company

Nexeon has won the Rushlight Award for Energy Efficiency 2012-2013.  The RSA-accredited Rushlight Awards highlight innovation and the holistic environmental benefit of technologies for organisations throughout UK and Ireland.

The Energy Efficiency Award recognises technologies or innovation that bring significant efficiency improvements to the use of existing energy sources, whether it be for light, heat or fuel. The judges of the Rushlight Awards said: “Nexeon has effectively addressed the life cycle issues associated with silicon used for anode coatings, thereby enabling silicon’s strong affinity for lithium to be exploited in lithium ion batteries. This enables batteries to have greater energy storage and to be smaller and lighter, thereby improving the performance of electric vehicles significantly.”

Nexeon were judged against rigorous six-point criteria, which included a focus on the importance of the innovation in addressing a specific issue, the holistic impact on the environment and the beneficial effect on society. Judging was performed by an independent panel of recognized experts covering all the clean technology sectors drawn from academia, trade associations, government departments and specialist media. In particular, the judges included individuals associated with DEFRA, the Environment Agency, DECC, Chatham House, WRAP, NESTA, the Carbon Trust, the British Geological Survey, UKERC, the Technology Strategy Board, STFC, WWF International, the Environmental Sustainability KTN and the Energy Saving Trust.

Nexeon’s silicon anode technology enables significantly greater Li-ion battery capacity to be achieved, providing lighter batteries with more energy and longer lifetime between charges. Its IP and know-how cover a unique solution to the cycle-life problem previously associated with silicon. Its fully automated and instrumented pilot plant is currently in full operation in the UK, and plans are in place for a volume manufacturing plant.

Dr Scott Brown, CEO of Nexeon, said “It’s great to see Nexeon’s technology getting such acknowledgement and acclaim, and we’re delighted to receive this latest award from Rushlight. We thank the judges for selecting Nexeon as winners of the Energy Efficiency Award 2012-2013. It is always a pleasure to have the value and benefits of our unique silicon anode technologies recognised.”