Nexeon® continues to build Intellectual Property (IP) around structured silicon materials and lithium-ion battery technology, and is interested to talk with potential customers, users, and suppliers throughout the value chain. Initial discussions are already being held with battery manufacturers who see the potential for major competitive advantage as a result of adopting Nexeon anode technology.

Nexeon anode technology

As part of these discussions, Nexeon provides data from cells made at its own facility using standard cathodes. Following this, test cells or material samples are provided under a Material Evaluation Agreement so that the materials may be evaluated.

Nexeon will grant non-exclusive licenses to patents along with a package of technology which describes the fabrication of electrodes and the general optimised formulations of anodes.

Nexeon will help licensees implement this technology in their manufacturing plants through Technology Transfer projects, Joint Development Agreements, and R&D contracts. The materials will be available from Nexeon.