Patent information

Nexeon® has a growing portfolio of patent families relating to silicon materials and batteries, for which non-exclusive licences can be negotiated. Our patent grants and applications protect various technologies focusing on, but not limited to, the use of high capacity silicon material as an active agent in the negative electrode of a lithium-ion battery.

Example technologies covered by our portfolio include:

  • Structured silicon particles (e.g. pillared particles, fibres or porous particles), their use and methods of manufacture.
  • Electrodes comprising silicon nanowires/fibres coupled to a substrate or as part of an interconnected conducting network in a composite.
  • Electrodes where the active material comprises silicon or tin inside carbon nanotubes.
  • Binders and electrolytes for Li-ion battery composites.
  • A method of making a multiple electrode stacked cell with a continuous folded separator or polymer electrolyte layer.
  • A process of making a thin solvated polymer membrane with controlled porosity.

A representative sample of Nexeon patent families, referenced by their PCT application numbers, is given below:

  • WO 2012/028857 – Porous Electroactive Material
  • WO 2012/028858 – Electroactive Material
  • WO 2011/154692 – An additive for lithium ion rechargeable battery cells
  • WO 2011/124893 – A method of fabricating structured particles composed of silicon
  • WO 2010/128310 – A Method Of Making Silicon Anode Material For Rechargeable Cells
  • WO 2010/130976 – A Binder for Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Cells
  • WO 2010/130975 – A Binder for Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Cells
  • WO 2010/040986 – A method of fabricating structured particles
  • WO 2010/040985 – A method of fabricating structured particles
  • WO 2009/010759 – Method
  • WO 2009/010758 – A method of fabricating structured particles
  • WO 2009/010757 – Production
  • WO 2008/139157 – A silicon anode for a rechargeable battery
  • WO 2007/083155 – A method of fabricating fibres composed of silicon
  • WO 2007/083152 – Method of etching silicon based material
  • WO 2004/042851 – Structured silicon anode
  • WO 2002/003493 – A method of assembling a cell
  • WO 2001/015251 – Anode for rechargeable lithium cell