Spend a day with Nexeon’s Customer Relations Co-ordinator, Akemi Wedmore

08:30 Today is a little unusual as it’s International Women’s Day, and as it happens, I’m attending a networking event at Oxford Saïd Business School (SBS), where I am studying for a Diploma in Global Business. It’s a great opportunity to meet with people from different organisations who are interested in how women are seen in the workplace, and in discussing how to achieve a work life balance while pursuing their careers.

In this respect, I consider myself to be very lucky to work at Nexeon; it’s an equal opportunities employer. In fact, 40% of the whole team is female – still fairly unusual for a technology company. Also notable at the company is the cultural mix; my colleagues come from so many different countries and the environment is very professional and inclusive.

09:30 As I live in Oxford, I shall be working from home this morning. The ability to work flexibly is also very valuable.

I have just returned from a 10 day visit to Japan, my home country – so there’s plenty to do. I’m following up on the many meetings held with potential customers and collaborators, and need to write up my visit. There are also many e-mails to write and reply to. Most exciting are the enquiries we are getting for our NSP-1 product as we scale up material production. There are so many applications for better performing batteries, and Nexeon’s materials technology has much to offer.

Of course, speaking Japanese is a great advantage, but I also need to work with my colleagues at Nexeon’s Japan and UK offices who are the real technical experts in this field. Our Yokohama office is now four years old and is becoming well known in the market.

13:00 I grab some lunch at home. When I’m at the Nexeon office, I take a short walk. In a typical week, I work mornings only as I’m currently combining my job with studying, not to mention raising my family! I am scheduled to work until one o’clock, but I generally have plenty to do and so stay beyond that.

13:45 Currently, I am spending around 30 to 40% of my time on contract management and initial drafting of agreements, something I very much enjoy.

15:30 Back at home this afternoon, I’m going to get down to some serious study for my Diploma. I’m nearing the end of the four module course – the final results are expected at the end of this month! I’m really pleased to have invested the time in expanding my knowledge, and grateful to Nexeon for supporting it.

I’ve enjoyed expanding my marketing knowledge in particular, and since we have developed our new web site, I notice other sites more and it gives me ideas for the future. I’m proud that Nexeon provides for its Asian customers by including content in their languages. We may also increase our social media activity going forward – using this diary entry perhaps!