Electric vehicles

The rate of take up of electric and hybrid vehicles is limited principally by anxiety over the range available between charges. Advanced battery technology based on silicon anode lithium ion batteries accelerates the progress of this important social development. Carbon anodes – the incumbent technology used in lithium-ion batteries – have almost reached their theoretical capacity limit and their future potential is limited.

Automotive battery development – producing lighter batteries with more power – is a key part of automotive product development, and Nexeon’s rechargeable battery technology is optimised for the higher rate charge and discharge required by HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs. Nexeon has developed specially optimised materials for high power use in electric vehicles, where power to weight ratio is critical.

Consumer Electronic Devices

The dizzying array of new personal electronic devices has the power to delight us, but it is limited by the power available in compact battery packs.

  • Notebook and laptop computers
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Still and video cameras
  • Music players
  • Portable gaming devices

Brighter screens for laptops and mobile devices, longer usage between charges and more powerful processors for faster application performance – just some of the user benefits that better batteries can deliver.

More power in a given volume gives product designers a wider envelope of options to create smaller, lighter devices for portability and integration, and higher safety margins.

Nexeon has developed materials specifically for these applications, working with its global OEM partners to specify precisely the battery characteristics required.

Sustainable Energy

Generating sustainable energy requires efficient storage systems for demand smoothing and to safeguard supply.

Domestic storage systems store electricity generated by solar panels, and draw electricity from the mains supply at cheaper rates to store for later use. They also provide backup against power cuts. These rechargeable battery systems need to be compact for wall mounting, and cost effective.

Industrial applications require optimal efficiency from their heavier duty, higher capacity systems, as well as predictable planned maintenance.

Nexeon’s silicon anode technology represents a great leap forward in the energy density of lithium ion batteries, and in turn the energy storage systems based on them.


Wearable electronics is a fast growing segment, delivering high performance applications in ultra-light and even conformable form factors.

Batteries must be long life, yet small enough to fit stylish, fashion driven products. Growth in this sector is proving to be rapid as ‘killer applications’ are developed.

  • Eye wear
  • Watch straps
  • In-garment electronics
  • Smart cards