Spend a day with Process Development Scientist Dan Scarlett

05:00 I start the day as usual with a trip to the gym. I find that a regular fitness regime helps me feel better and think more clearly. Then it’s time to take my son to school before setting off for work. This week, I’m covering two shifts and start a little later than usual.

09:45 This morning, we have a call with our colleagues in the Japan office over a video link. This is highly effective, and ensures we work as one larger team.

10:45 My work involves developing our battery materials production process, so it’s on with the hard hat etc. as I’m based in the Production area most of the time.
It’s an exciting time to be at Nexeon. We are now producing increasing quantities of some of our NSP battery materials based on silicon, for sale and commercial sampling to companies around the world, mainly in Asia. The end result of our efforts will be lithium-ion rechargeable batteries driving improved performance from some of the devices we use every day, so that’s very satisfying.

My background is in process and scale-up work in the pharma sector, so that experience is very useful at Nexeon’s stage of development. Over ten years, I have seen the company expand from discovering exciting new materials in the lab, to manufacturing increasing quantities for evaluation and building into Li-ion batteries. I enjoy the working spirit at Nexeon: it is a very open culture, with flexible working, and talented colleagues who show each other great respect.

14:00 As the Technical Lead, I like to see the shift changeover and I’m happy that all goes smoothly. We’re on two-shift operation this week.

There is no set time for lunch. In production environments, you have to grab something when you can, so I bring in my own food.

My team and I are principally concerned with taking a basic manufacturing process and improving it. This may require changes to the battery material itself as well as to production equipment and procedures. We then focus on the scale-up aspects of the process to ensure that larger volumes can be produced with consistent quality and cost effectively.

19:00 I don’t have a fixed time to leave for the evening; I like to see that any problems are resolved first. Today, things have gone quite smoothly, and as I leave, I reflect happily on having missed the peak traffic!