Nexeon’s Chief Engineer, Dr Bill Macklin, has just celebrated his ten years with the company.

On leaving Oxford University, he worked with Professor John Goodenough, one of the early battery pioneers of Li-ion batteries. Bill became Director of R&D at AEA Technology Batteries and subsequently CTO at ABSL Power Solutions, a UK manufacturer of Li-ion cells and battery packs for military and space power applications. He is very well known in the global battery community, having published and patented extensively in the Li-ion battery field.

‘The commercialisation of silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries has proved a long-term challenge for the industry’, says Macklin, recalling that his first silicon anode patent was based on work he did in the late 1990s. ‘The market opportunities for Li-ion in the rapidly growing electrification of vehicles and established portable devices are huge. Silicon is a key part of the technical solution, and Nexeon is very well placed to exploit these demands with two strong candidate anode material technologies, especially now that we are seeing solid customer commitments.’