Spend a day with Nexeon’s HR & Office Administrator

08:30  I joined Nexeon for three months and enjoyed the company culture so much I’m still here three years later. I have an extremely varied job and the atmosphere is so positive. No-one is too proud to fill the coffee machine. Every day is a challenge, but in smaller companies, you can have much more impact.

I start my day with some payroll work; I need to make sure everyone’s salaries are correctly paid, accounting for overtime, pension contributions and so on. As it’s April, there are a few statutory rule changes to apply, and I work in liaison with our external payments provider as well as our Accounts Department.

10:00  As a fast growing company, Nexeon has recently begun another recruitment drive. We’re looking for around seven people in scientific and engineering roles to work at our Abingdon site near Oxford, in both junior and senior roles. As we gain customer traction, we expect the balance of roles to change, but applicants need to be of high calibre, team players, adaptable and flexible.

I work with recruitment agencies, but also use online job boards which bring in lots of interest from many countries. We advertise, for example in New Scientist, and also receive a steady stream of speculative CVs sent through our web site. Our staff profile is very much an international one; currently we have employees on our team from at least ten countries. I’m pleased to say we have an almost equal gender balance too.

12:00  I take a walk around our site to speak with people, and to sort out a few facilities matters. It’s important to keep close to people in all types of roles and to understand any issues they might have. Working in the exciting field of battery materials, there’s a sense that we’re all part of something with a bright future.

14:00  This afternoon, I am interviewing promising candidates with Li-ion battery research backgrounds for a start date in a couple of months. We have already made three offers this week, all of them accepted I’m pleased to say!

16:30  Next, I need to get some samples off by courier to our Japan office. These may be used for sampling to customers or for further testing.

17:00 Recently, we’ve been injecting a little more fun into our culture, and as well as the ‘Potlucks’, we might have pizza, or bring a pet to work. Last week my dog got lots of attention when I brought him to the office. Right now, it’s Easter, so my final task of the day is to go around the office doing a chocolate egg drop!