Spend a day with Scientist Takayuki Yamakura

08:30 Today is a fairly typical day for me at the Nexeon Japan Yokohama office. As a Scientist here, around half my time is spent in the laboratory, investigating new materials for their potential to use in Li-ion batteries. The other half I spend on support activities for our NSP-1 material which is being qualified by several customers, and getting great feedback. Nexeon is a very exciting company to work for. As a relatively small company, decision making is rapid; you can talk with the CEO quite easily. You really feel that everyone can make a difference, take responsibility, and it’s very motivating, especially when things go well.

09:00 As a routine, we have a morning assembly at the office, where we share details of business topics such as our planned schedules, visitors and so on.

09:30 It’s very important to keep in touch with my fellow scientists and engineers in the company, to share ideas and progress. I hope to visit the UK annually, and I was very happy to make it in February this year to support the Production team, and to meet with my Nexeon colleagues. I believe that meeting face to face really helps to transfer and share process knowledge.

14:00 This afternoon, I’m at my desk working on some briefing documents and slides detailing the work we’ve recently carried out. Every week, I need to produce a report, which is available to colleagues on a shared drive. At least weekly, we use video conferencing to communicate across the miles, usually in the early evening due to the time difference. The Yokohama office is very conveniently located for business, and my daily commute is only around 25 minutes by bicycle.

We have just completed a collaboration project with our partners at analytical companies and the inorganic chemistry specialists at Yokohama National University. Battery technology is an interesting field to work in, and is very competitive. There is a lot of work going on to improve battery performance and people’s experience with electric vehicles and consumer products. This suits me, and I particularly enjoy the challenge of new things. Silicon is a new material for this application, so a good deal of know how is needed to use it optimally – expertise we can provide.

17:00 For leisure, I like to ski in the mountains in Japan during the winter months. I’m lucky that my father taught me to ski when I was only three years old. My daughter is now three, so I must begin to teach her too!.